Characters Features

There are many things that make a KABA's Characsters special, here’s a deep dive on how those things work.
Kripto gGalaxy Battle has two main characters: Robot and Monster. We'll call them KChar throughout the document
Here we cover all the different components that come together to create your lovely KChar (or, let’s be honest, sometimes weird).
(*)The examples we will cover on Robots and Monsters will be similar.
We’ll discuss the attributes that make up your KChar’s genetic code and determine its appearance, as well as the mutations that can introduce special genes and traits into your KChar family. A basic understanding of the information in here will go a long way in helping players breed for specific traits.
ROBOT's attributes
Attributes are the genetic traits that combine to create the appearance of every KChar. They're one of the most important aspects of KriptoGalaxyBattle and a great place to start for new players to learn the game.
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